• Exterior Painting and Staining

  • Every year, dozens of families in Connecticut entrust Conroy Painting with the task of protecting and beautifying their biggest asset — their home. Why do they choose us for exterior painting and staining?


    75% of a great paint job is preparation. Meticulous sanding and caulking, use of chemically appropriate primers, and keeping carpenters on staff to repair wood damage results in a smooth, enduring finish on your exterior!

    Fully Insured:

    We carry full insurance, use all appropriate safety equipment, and carefully mask your garden and property from paint chips.


    Our veteran painters have seen it all. From termite damage and woodpeckers to humidity and chemical mistreatment, no two properties ever face the same challenges. Fortunately, we have the knowledge, materials, skills, and tools to tackle it all.


    We proudly stand behind our craftsmanship. A quality paint job is a wise investment in your home’s longevity, and it ought to be secured.